We are Aurora Educational Company

We are one of the largest foreign teacher suppliers in China.


Aurora Educational Company and Sunrise Educational Company are affiliated transnational educational companies. Aurora Educational Company is based in Cape Town, South Africa and Sunrise Educational Company is based in Chengdu, China, established in June, 2014.

We are one of the largest foreign teacher suppliers in China and have gained an excellent reputation, both from our clients, as well as our teachers for our outstanding service.  Our company slogan: “go beyond excellence” speaks for itself.

China is becoming the second largest economy in the world and has begun to draw more interest worldwide. The connection between China and the rest of the world is undoubtedly on the rise. The demands for cultural exchange and foreign interaction have reached all-time highs. It is truly an exciting and historic time to be a part of this powerful transformation. Aurora Educational Company creates the path to transform yourself and our world by participating in this global exchange.


Our clients include kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools and universities. We connect each client with applicants who meet their specific requirements.

Because we work with educational institutions of multiple type at various locations, our clients are soon able to find their ideal candidates without inefficiencies, as:

– We have already negotiated a better deal for our applicants at each school
– We can offer higher compensation from identifying the schools that require specific skills possessed by the applicant
– There is an increased chance of being hired from applying to multiple schools with a single application
– Acquire easy access to schools that would otherwise only hire foreign teachers through recommendations and walk-in interviews

If you are interested in a career of teaching in China, please study our requirements and compensation package and apply through our online application form.


It is of prime importance that our recruiters create a perfect match between the school and the teacher. In order to achieve this, we offer our support and assistance, where possible, throughout their stay.

Having a recruiter will be of no cost to you, as the school covers the fee involved.

Recruiters have access to various levels of teacher candidates, ranging from graduates with little or no experience, to those who have taught abroad for years.

The schools also experience a lower teacher turnover rate.

How do I know if a recruiting agency is legitimate?

A legitimate agency is a licensed company that deals directly with schools. It doesn’t rely on third parties to do their business. Look for companies with professional websites and experienced English speaking staff that have experience teaching in the countries you’re interested in.

Check for hidden charges in your contracts.

A legitimate company will not charge you for a position or take a portion of your salary.

Your recruiter will be able to answer any questions regarding your contract, as well as information on the exact location of the school, your package,

commencement date, working hours and any other questions you may have.